Ko Tātou



Whāia ko te Mana Motuhake – expressed as – In the pursuit of Self Determination. This tongi by Kīngi Tuheitia, when referencing our kura, is a call to action. It speaks to the self belief, self efficiency, and self determination needed to achieve one’s goals, desires and or aspirations. It’s a call to never give up, to be resilient, to be steadfast, to persevere, to be determined and to problem solve in order to create a pathway to prosperity, defined by one’s own hard work. It is about not being reliant or dependent on anyone else for making your aspirations a reality.


To nurture mokopuna within Te Aho Matua to reach their full potential as compassionate, confident, well socialised and high achieving citizens of Te Ao Māori and Te Ao Pākeha. To develop open and inquiring minds that have a great capacity for aroha, joy and laughter that radiate the joy of living whom exemplify the hopes and aspirations of their people.


Tupu te toi, ora te toi, whanake ake te toi, te toi i ahu mai i Hawaiki – also expressed as – Grow the treasure, sustain the treasure, develop the treasure, the treasure derived from Hawaiki.

Ngā Uara o te Kura

Pono (Honesty)
Tika (Integrity)
Aroha  (Love, Kindness, Compassion & Humility)
Manaakitanga (Reciprocity & Respect)
Whanaungatanga (Positive Relationships with all)
Māiatanga (Commitment, Resilience & Perseverance)
Auahatanga (Creativity, Innovation & Resourcefulness)
Puhitaioreoretanga (Excellence)
Upoko Pakaru (Dogged determination, Tenacity)
Pūmanawatanga (Potential)
Pingoretanga (Flexibility)
Rangatiratanga (Responsibility, Accountability, Autonomy & Agency)
Harikoa (Joyful, Happy, Radiant)

Te Tohu o te Kura

Our kura logo was designed in 2023 by Ngaati Tamaoho rangatira and Kaumātua Koro Ted Ngātaki. It was later digitised by Kapotai Marino. Although the transformation of the tohu from its original form to its digital form do differ, the whakapapa between each tohu and each of the ringa toi is acknowledged, furthermore, the wairua between each are inextricably connected.
Represented in the tohu:

  • The koruru (in the middle) represents the mokopuna of the kura.
  • The four koru immediately to the sides of the koruru represent the parents, grandparents and whanau working together for the benefit of the mokopuna. 
  • The six prominent koru from right to left, spanning the triangular configuration represent the six mātāpono of Te Aho Matua – Te Ira tangata, Te Reo, Ngā Iwi, Te Ao, Āhuatanga Ako and Te Tino Uaratanga.
  • The triangular configuration at large, represents Rangi, Papa, Whenua, Moana and the Taiao nurturing mokopuna in their learning journey and life.
  • The three pou in the foreground of the tohu represent mokopuna transitions within the kura from kura tuatahi, takawaenga to wharekura and affirm each wahanga of the kura mission – ‘Tupu te toi, Ora te toi, Whanake ake te toi’ – Te toi i ahu mai i Hawaiki.
  • The crimson colour represents the local whenua within Papakura renown for its richness and fertility. It also affirms the soils of Hawaiki from whom Hineahuone was fashioned and from where all waka of Aotearoa originally came. Acknowledges Hawaiki as a defining feature of Māori origins as our student population is pan tribal in its make up.